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ExcelRise, pioneering polyethylene upcycling 

The situation is critical. Now more than ever, we have to rethink our production and consumption in order to make them sustainable. XL Recycling is committed to become a pioneer in the plastic circular economy and lead this fight for the environment. ExcelRise has made the upcycling of plastic packaging a reality with the creation of its Reborn® range, packaging produced from the waste sourced and collected by XL Recycling. Upcycle* a plastic film into a Reborn Product allows to produce a high quality packaging with the same technical characteristics, lowering at the same time up to 70% its carbon footprint.

Our goal ? Contributing to the implementation of the plastic circular economy by integrating 80% of recycled polyethylene in our packagings by 2025.

*Upcycle: recycling a waste into a similar high value product

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In march 2017, ExcelRise joined the New Plastics Economy, an initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur foundation.

Its goal is to implement a global action plan that would enable the transition towards circular economy for plastics.

ExcelRise signed the Global Commitment on september 2018. A worlwide initiative also signed by more than 400 economic leaders committed to the eradication of plastic waste pollution.

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XL Recycling is now a European recycler certified according to EuCertPlast standards.

This certification body, funded by the European Commission, sets high standards for quality, traceability and environmental impact for plastics recyclers to determine better recycling practices.

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ExcelRise is a member of the Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) association. Composed by more than 120 companies, it aims at protecting and promoting the activities of European plastic recyclers.

PRE supports the transition towards a circular economy and encourages the harmonization of recycling standards in Europe.

The Plastic to Charity initiative consists in making your employees collect their own LDPE waste packaging at home. Plastic sales revenues are then given to a charity of your choice. The collected waste are then upcycled.

This initiative has a strong social impact and allows everyone to make a gesture for an association and the environment.

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